ColorBlast IntelliHue Powercore gen4

The latest generation of best-in-class flood lighting raises quality and performance even further.

Blast Powercore set the standard for flood lighting by delivering high-quality light and uncompromising performance with exceptional reliability. Now ColorBlast Powercore gen4 boosts output and flexibility to meet the most demanding white and color lighting applications. Get higher output, greater efficacy, precise color, remote monitoring, and more — all in a compact, reliable flood that’s easy to customize and install.

With Color Blast Powercore gen4, you get industry-leading performance in a proven luminaire that’s synonymous with flood lighting. Here are just some of the ways that the latest generation of Blast benefits lighting professionals, building owners, and others looking for best-in-class flood lighting:

  • White and Color Light — ColorBlast gen4 lets you combine white and color light in one flexible, robust, and rugged fixture, balancing CRI and lumen output.
  • Greater Efficacy — Increased application efficacy means that ColorBlast maintains punch while providing a uniform mixed beam — one that delivers light where you want it, without waste. The result? Optimized light and lower cost of operation.
  • New Capabilities — New technology integrated in ColorBlast incorporates temperature compensation for increased color precision — enables ActiveSite remote monitoring and management.
  • Color Consistency — Philips Color Kinetics Chromasync technology improves color accuracy and consistency between luminaires automatically, without time-consuming manual adjustment.
  • Tunable White Light — Choose IntelliHue for high-quality tunable (from 1800K to 10,000K) white light for indoor and outdoor wall washing and flood lighting applications.
  • Even Greater Reliability — Blast is known for providing years of reliable use under rugged conditions. Now ColorBlast gen4 raises reliability even further with more protection from corrosion and elimination of water pooling.



Innovative Design

We created ColorBlast Powercore gen4 from the ground up based on extensive, in-depth input from lighting professionals. It integrates the latest LED innovations, custom optics, and a 277VAC direct connection. But the latest Blast family still retains the rock-solid reliability and no-compromises quality that earned Blast its unequalled reputation.


More Lumens
To meet the needs of the most demanding applications, ColorBlast gen4 delivers as much as 20 percent higher output than the previous Blast family offerings. It’s ideally suited for illuminating building facades, bridges, and other iconic structures requiring maximum output.


4-Channel Options
ColorBlast lets you choose the right 4-channel solution for your application — including IntelliHue, RGBW, or RGBA. Plus traditional RGB, of course.


Choose high-quality Philips accessories
Now you can choose from a full line of high-quality Philips accessories — from spread lenses to rock guards — for ColorBlast Powercore gen4, eliminating the need for third-party solutions. All in your choice of white, gray, or black.

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