Sento – the LED revolution

With Sento, Occhio have reinvented light for you. They have used the essence of LED to rethink light and to give a perfect quality to it. A quality that you can see, feel and use for your personal design idea. For Sento is modular, it is rich in options and created for private and commercial environments.

choose your light – luminaire heads with light emission to one or both sides. changeable inserts for individual lighting effects and a choice of LED color temperatures enable you to adjust the requested lighting to a particular situation, with the best color rendering properties (CRI 95) and highest efficiency.

touchless control – thanks to touchless control Sento can be switched and dimmed with simple gestures – touchlessly and intuitively thanks to infrared sensors.
two in one – Sento with light emission on both sides is equipped with two LED chips. So uplight and downlight can be independently controlled.
fading – a unique feature: the full light output can be drawn from one side to the other via gesture control.

up/down presetting for double-sided wall and ceiling luminaires – any desired ratio of downlight can be set and saved in five stages via the ‘step’ function with full overall output. You can then dim uplight and downlight together – continuously in the ratio saved. So several luminaires in a room can be simply and precisely coordinated with each other

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