Introduces “Mito” perfection in detail, unique in Design & Function

With Sento, Occhio have reinvented light for you. They have used the essence of LED to rethink light and to give a perfect quality to it. A quality that you can see, feel and use for your personal design idea. For Sento is modular, it is rich in options and created for private and commercial environments.

choose your light – luminaire heads with light emission to one or both sides. changeable inserts for individual lighting effects and a choice of LED color temperatures enable you to adjust the requested lighting to a particular situation, with the best color rendering properties (CRI 95) and highest efficiency.

Mounting version »up« for mounting on plaster surfaces, »flat« for hollow ceilings including cover and »trimless« with plastering element; the suspension length is continuously adjustable from 50 to 200 cm or adjustable during fitting to max. 350 cm, surface mounted also available 200mm, 400mm 600mm

Head ø 400 mm or 600mm , H 52 mm double-sided light emission with a choice of two lighting effects: room (narrow) – narrow downlight and diffuse uplight, or table (wide) – wide downlight and flood uplight

Touchless Control any Mito within arms reach can be controlled through simple , intuitive gestures that gracefully activates our innovative infrared sensors.

Color Tune – A simple hand gesture allows control of the color temperature frrom warm tones of 2700K to cooler light at 4000K.

Surface Finishes – matt white, matt black, matt silver, matt gold, rose gold, bronze.

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