“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows” Francis Assisi

Since the beginning of time, our body and biological clock have been influenced by the sun cycle. Activity and rest are ruled by the course of the day. For all our well-being, the energising light of the morning sun is as important as the relaxing red sun in the evening. A lack of natural light brings the biological rhythm out of balance. High Quality biodynamic LED lighting can have a positive influence on the biological rhythms.


Just like the sun..
Sunlight is essential to our health. It contributes to the synthesis of vital substances, increases hormones and gives us the rhythm of the day, with appropriate moments for motivation and for relaxing. The closer artificial light is to sunlight, the more comfortable and high-valued it is.


General LED HCL 2700-6500K – DALI Option

Illuminant EEC A++ – Colour rendering index RA<80 – Blue light hazard RG1 – MacAdam 3 – UGR

Surface/Colour Material: Aluminium – RAL 9006 or 9016 matte finish

Lens Technology

Protection Rating IP20/ Protection class: I

Connection 230v 50/60hZ – 2 Suspension cables 2000mm with quick release / 3 or 5 pin connection terminal with surface-mount housing